When one door closes…

Two things happened in order to result in this post, the first was my love of the Cuprinol Sea Grass that I painted the summer house in and the second was this post from young house love.

This is where my painted door journey began, I must admit had I not seen the guys from young house love paint there lovely front door in a beautiful peacock blue colour I wouldn’t have had the courage to paint mine (so thanks guys!). I love the feeling that I get when I can make something in my home even more beautiful but the thing I love even more than this is when I can use things I already have to do so!


So one Saturday morning when I was pottering around the house I had a thought “why don’t I paint the front door?”  So as the implosive side of me kicked in I found my self stood there taking down all the front door hardware.



I then took out a bristle brush and gave the door a good brush to get rid of all the debris and dust that had gathered on the outside of the door. I then took out a sanding block and gave the door a quick once over with a sanding block.



I then began the long task of using frog tape to tape off all the windows. Once I had taped off all the windows it was time for the fun part THE PAINT this also came with a slight “I hope I know what im doing moment” as once the first brush hit the door I knew there was no going back.


After the first coat I my fears melted away and I was happy with the way the door was heading. While the first coat was drying I decided to head out to look for some new hardware for the door after looking through the aisles and feeling frustrated with the lack of choice I decided to make another bold move and headed to the paint section where I picked up some black metallic spray paint.

Once I returned home and gave the door another coat of paint I gathered all my door hardware and read the instructions on the back of the paint can and slowly began to spray the hardware piece by piece I only needed one coat on most items to achieve the look I wanted.

By the time the door and the hardware were fully dry it had started to get a little dark but here in the Waters household a little darkness doesn’t stop us! So I began to install all the door hardware and then there it was the feeling that you get in your tummy a mixture of love and proudness that I created this! Because of the location of our front door we can see it from the living room window and boy did I look and the next day was like seeing it again for the first time in the daylight.


They say you should do something that scares you one in a while to feel alive I think they may mean jumping from a airoplane or something but this was my little thing that scared me and I loved every minute of it. Now to think of a way to deal with the brown door frame? Have you done anything in your home that makes you feel alive?

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