The Office Plans

I have been finding myself a little overwhemed lately I find my evenings been taken up by pintrest and my wish list of things that I would like to add to my home this is also accompanied by a little thing I like to call wandering eye syndrome. This happens when you find yourself looking at something in  your home thinking I need to do that or that doesn’t look right. I am having a complete brain overload I think I just need to take time to make some more room in there I swear I am worried with all the ideas and to do’s cramed into my brain I am worried it will push something important out like how to tie my shoes!!

As you know I am a fan of lists so I thought why not get some of my “to do’s” down in a list. I have never made a list of things I would like to do in my home before so this is a first for me.

One of the rooms that has been on my hit list for a while is the office this is a room that me and Mr Waters spend a lot of time in and because of this fact I have been wary of starting anything as the only days this room is not used is weekends. Here is a picture of how the room currently stands.

office plans
And here is my list of office plans:

  • De-clutter and remove filing cabinet
  • Re- paint walls (something like this)
  • Re- paint skirting
  • Replace window
  • Replace door
  • Add laminate floor
  • Add shelving (like this)
  • Add built in desk and draws (similar to this but with draws in the middle)
  • Add unit (like this)

Well it feels better to get it all down and to see what needs doing. I think I will be able to get somethings crossed off the list without making to much disruption to our current space which is good.

Have you made a list of home improvements? Do you find list making helpful in your home improvement process?

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