The House that Wayne built

As you will know if you have seen my post Impatient…Me? that we have taken down our green house. We managed to find something to replace it at a steal however it was a little smaller.

We where out last Sunday and where surprised to arrive home to find it laided out on the decking in all its flatpack glory.


So me being the patient individual I am waited a Whole TWO DAYS before a friend called Wayne came to assemble it.

Wayne is a close friend but he is also our go to guy for many of our DIY projects there’s nothing he doesn’t know or cant help with.

Wayne started by using a quick drying concrete and sand to level out the current slabed area that the green house had previously sat on. As you can see in the image below we have gravel running inbetween the slabs Wayne left this as it is and just made sure the slabs around the outside where level.



I went out to see if he wanted another coffee and he had already got the floor and all bar one of the walls up!! From that point it didn’t take him long to get the whole thing together


I made a boo boo and didn’t get a picture of the summer house fully assembled before I started to paint it, that’s the impatient part of me striking again! I will be adding what we did next tomorrow so stay tuned!!

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