My Little Piece of Canny

If you are from the north of the Uk there will be no explanation needed, if not you will be scratching your head thinking what on earth is this woman on about.

The explanation: Canny is used in the north as cute, good or nice if someone says you are Canny its a lovely complement.

So what piece of Canny am I referring to I hear you ask……. Well as you know we recently added a summer house to our garden. (Cue picture).


From the moment I knew we where replacing our green house I knew the look I wanted to achieve in that corner of the garden. So it didn’t take long to get started with my master plan ( I feel like there should be an evil laugh here!).

The first stage of my plan was to paint the summer house I knew the colour I wanted to achieve and purchased a tin of Cuprinol Sea Grass. I could have chosen to stain the summer house but that wasn’t the look I wanted I had read some good reviews on the paint and it ticked all the boxes.

I have never used this sort of paint before and upon opening the tin I found myself stirring and stirring before realising that maybe its meant to be quite runny it does say on the tin it can be used to spray on so this may be why its not as thick as normal paint. After mixing I just applied a little to my brush and started painting.

It really didn’t take long to paint at all and some of the colour seemed to soak into the wood rather than sit on top of it.


I left the windows and doors un-painted as I wanted to paint them in a different colour. After a lot of thinking I decided that the pale colour that I wanted to use may take a lot to keep clean and show up the dirt.

I took the doors off to paint and used frog tape around the windows.




I then purchased a tin of Cuprinol country cream and took out the windows and taped around the glass with frog tape. Then me and Mr Waters painted the windows it took a couple of coats to get the right coverage.


Once they where dry we screwed them back in stepped back and enjoyed all our hard work.


I love the union jack bunting but it is plastic and I don’t think it will last so I will be replacing this and you will notice the window boxes stay tuned for how we created these.

We have been racking our brains for a relevant name for the summer house I liked “The Sanctuary” or “The Greenhouse” but still not sure do you have any ideas?

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