Gotta love a good list!

Well the title of this post says it all really.

List making is my medicine as weird as it sounds lists help me more than just plan and organize they relax me and clear my mind and leave me feeling very good. Now before you all think I should be put it a white jacket and wheeled off to the nut house let me explain. There are certain times in my life I know that I will turn to a good list one of these times is holidays if you are anything like me you feel the whole burden of making sure that your family have everything they need for there holiday. Around this time I have a million different things going on in my mind and as silly as it sounds I end up very stressed. We normally holiday in the Uk so we can take the dogs so I need to make sure they have everything they need too.

I normally start thinking about my holiday several weeks before we go and this process normally starts with me and a cup of tea and a list. I have moved with the times a little and I tend to use the notepad on my phone to make my list which saves having loads of bits of paper around and I can then look back on the list the next time we go away which saves time. The first thing I do is work through a average day, for example wake up and brush teeth so I know to add tooth brushes and tooth paste.

Then I work on the clothes and write down how much underwear and socks we need for this part I normally do separate headings for me and Mr Waters so that I know how many socks we need each etc I normally throw a couple of socks and underwear in extra for good measure. Then there is the dogs of which I make a separate heading and work through what they need each day and any extras i.e towels and toys. The last thing I add to my list is extras things you don’t use each day but might want to take i.e books and sun cream. Mr Waters normally takes care of the gadgets and  phone chargers and puts them in his bag. I normally have a good list put together but there are always times when I am doing something around the house and think I need to add that to the list and because its on my phone which is normally with me it doesn’t take much to add it.

I always tell myself that we are not going to the end of the earth if I forget a hairbrush or some socks we can always get some.

Another list process I use weekly is my shopping list. This process is split into two and normally does involve me writing it onto paper. I do my shopping online so I normally sit at my desk and write it out so I can see it. I start by listing the days over the next week I need meals for. I try to get my shopping delivered on a Friday so I work from Friday to Thursday for my meal plan.

Once I have worked out what food we will be eating for the next week. All I now need to do is work out what I need for each of the meals. So I work my way down the list adding each ingredient. Sometimes I use the shopping list app I have on my phone as you can cross things off with a click. Now i go into the Kitchen and check that i haven’t got any bits on the list sometimes I will have extra chicken in the freezer etc. While I am in the kitchen and looking through the cupboards I note anything else we need that may be running out or gone.

I find this process very easy and sometimes when I am stuck for meal inspiration I can dig out an old list and pick some meals off it.

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