Kitchen Chalkboard

I have longed for a kitchen blackboard ever since I saw iheart organising’s kitchen memo board you can see that here and her memo board revamp here.

I had planned to follow the same strategy as iheart and use a cupboard door and customize it to meet my chalkboard dreams! After making my mind up that I wanted to do this project I stood in the kitchen one night pondering the issue of where I would put chalkboard. After convincing myself that I couldn’t free any existing wall space there was only one option “the pantry door” I was a little nervous about how it would look but decided as Nike would say “just do it”.

After strolling around the aisles at homebase and b&q and not seeing a cupboard door in the size that I was looking for. I had come up with the idea to create the chalkboard by using the wood from a cheap pine shelf as my main board and buying some thin pieces of wood and making up a frame. This would have been the cheaper choice but I have never made a frame before so I was a little nervous about this idea. I was browsing the home wear section and falling in love with everything, when I spotted a mirror in the exact size I wanted. As I looked at it I noticed a double whammy it had a bad scratch in the wood. I was going to paint it anyway so you wouldn’t see the scratch and I could ask for a discount on the mirror which is what I did!!

As I am impatient and couldn’t wait to get started with this project I didn’t take any pictures of the mirror before I started (my bad!). Here’s a picture of the mirror that I found so you can see what it looked like.


Source- Homebase


I started by bending back the clasps at the back of the mirror and removing the thin piece of backing wood (that’s my technical name for it!). I then carefully removed the mirror. Now with all the mirror disassembled I could start to paint, first I used my Chalkboard paint and painted the piece of backing wood it took about two coats.



Next was to tackle the frame I was torn between two colours the first was country cream and the second was seagrass both by Cuprinol. WHAT!!!! I hear you say isn’t that for outdoors use? Yes it is but I love it, I love how easy it is to apply it seems to just melt into the wood and the main thing I love about it is that it dries lovely no brush strokes and its like a semi gloss sort of feel (I cant stop touching it!) another bonus point was it seems to dry very quickly (that’s one of many things I hate about gloss). After seeking Mr Waters advice I decided to go with the country cream, because the frame was stained rather than painted the country cream dried into the wood rather than sitting on top like most paints. I kept applying coat after coat trying to achieve a rich cream colour but it just kept melting into the wood after many coats I stopped and took a step back to look and realized (also with Mr Waters help) that I loved it!! It has a lovely shabby chic feel.

So with the main bulk of the work done  I screwed into my frame and added my cupboard handle chalk holder. I then headed to my computer and fired up my Silhouette and created a vinyl Menu heading and some circle shapes with the day letter.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 19.53.43

Once my vinyl had been cut and with all my paint dry I began to put my chalkboard back together as not make sure the backing wood was secure I decided add the mirror behind it that way the clasps would enclose it all tightly again. I then began to apply my vinyl which was a little tricky as I did it by eye, I think if I did it again I would measure more to get the correct spacing.

So now my chalkboard was complete and I knew were I wanted to display it I began to worry about the brown door (I hate the brown doors!) would make the chalkboard look a little dull? Then before I knew it I was standing their holding my paint brush looking at my first coat of seagrass and waving good riddance to the brown door. I then began to get something I like to call “decorators  doubt-ter-itis” as small feeling of doubt began to creep in I began to ask  am I making a mistake? what if this looks awful?



Too late to turn back now! I persevered and boy am I glad I did, I love it!!



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