It takes two..

All I can hear in my head is “it takes two, baaaby” and although that song is not on about my kitchen doors it’s like it was written about them.

Earlier in the week I posted my new kitchen chalkboard you can see that here and I mentioned that as a side project and me being completely impulsive that I painted my pantry door. I think it’s fair to say that we all loved the new door makeover me more so than I expected too. It adds a freshness to the kitchen and the Kitchen wall colour works hand in hand with the sea grass.

So cue a day later and were Déjà vu strikes and I find myself stood with my brush and the sea grass paint painting another door!! Now I can admit this wasn’t just all my love for the pantry door that was driving this extra addition it was also the promise from Mr Waters for some nice silver door handles to finish off the doors nicely.

I was going to tackle the door hinges and give them a nice coat of my black metal paint as I thought it would add a nice touch but now we are steering to silver handles think I will get some silver metal paint to do these. So watch this space….


I applied the paint in exactly the same way as I did the pantry door. Throughout the day I just kept applying coats until I had reached the coverage I wanted.



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