Decking Window Boxes up my sleeve

Hi all, its been a while and plenty has been going on!

When I last left you I had just built my summer house garden shed. Although everytime I glanced at it through my kitchen window it made me smile I still felt it needed something and I happened to have just the thing up my sleeve…….Window boxes!

As I mentioned in a previous post I had kept all the off cuts from the decking we had installed a few years back and I have made many signs for around the house with them, but although the pile is slowly decreasing there still is a visible stack. As I happened to need some small pieces of wood for my little plan I knew to hit my stash first and I wasnt disapointed.

I picked some perfect sizes of wood and measured my windows I cut my first piece of wood a little bit smaller then I wanted it. I then cut another piece of wood to the exact same size. I then stood both pieces of wood up to create the longest sides of my window box (as below).


I then took another piece of wood and inserted in between the two pieces of wood to form the base of the window box. I then took some more wood and placed it to form the left side of my window box, because I had inserted the base into the box I could then mark on the left piece of wood the correct length I then cut this wood and duplicated this to form the right side.

I My husband then started to assemble the window box using screws. I then needed to take the bottom piece of wood and measure the gap it needed to fit into. Once this had been measured and my wood had been cut we inserted this into the frame and added some screws. My window box was now assembled now to make it pretty.







I painted the window boxes the same colour as the windows as I thought this would make them stand out nicely. After a couple of coats of paint and a little time drying outside in the sun they where dry and ready to mount. Cue Mr Waters he mounted them by taking some decking off cut (as he felt that the window box would be heavy when filled)  and holding it in the correct position on the wall in the summer house. I stood on the outside holding in place the window box and he screwed through the decking off cut and into the window box.

I lined the boxes with some spare pvc sheet that I had on a roll. Now to fill the boxes, as you may not know about me I love a bargain so I headed down to my local garden centre and hit the bargain rack as I looked at all the sad plants that looked as if they had given up I spoted some lavender plants at 10p each I know with a bit of love they would perk up so I picked them up. I imagined the smell of lavender as you brush by into the summerhouse now all I wanted was

a little colour! I must now apologize to all you green fingered friends reading this for my shocking plant knowledge. I then picked a nice yellow plant and a pink one (see what I mean!).

With my window boxes now complete I love looking at them from the kitchen window and finding excuses to head into the the garden to sneak a look. So if you want me Ill be in the garden!!


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