On going projects

I am back, after current projects at home that seem to have eaten into my time.

We have been updating our kitchen it all started with a fresh coat of paint on the walls, then I really wanted to modernize the units but we didn’t really have the money to splash out on a new kitchen and to be honest ours are working perfectly they are just out dated. I knew I needed to paint the cupboards but I was a little scared. What if it doesn’t work and looks awful! But living with the dated units was awful so I couldn’t make it worse could I?



Apparently not!!!

I am so pleased with the end result I must admit I started with crown cupboard paint in White Milk and I found that far to pale it looked a little cold so then I hit the DIY store again and searched for a colour a little warmer I ended up with crown cupboard paint in Jersey Cream but I found this colour a little yellow. So then I made another brave choice and took my new pot of White Milk and poured it into the Jersey Cream. I could hear my husbands voice telling me not to try it but you know how stubborn us women are at wanting to prove our husbands wrong!! (Well I am!)


My mixed paint vs the milk white paint


















So after lots of stirring I ended up with a lovely creamy colour on my cupboards just the look I had been wanting. I know I had to purchase two pots of the cupboard paint but that’s just a fraction of the cost that it would have cost to have new units. So many people have said it looks like a new kitchen one of our friends thought we had come into money and bought a new kitchen!!


The Results!

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