Impatient…. Me?

This blog title describes one of my major weaknesses, I hate waiting I think I get this from my Dad. I always remember when I was younger him and my mum discussing knocking a wall down in our bathroom to make room for a shower. I had left the house to go babysitting and when I came home later that night the upstairs landing looked like a war zone power tools out dust and brick everywhere then I looked into the bathroom to find the wall was gone!

Now I am not about to say I have been knocking walls down, but on Friday I looked out onto our Garden I decided that something needed to be done about our greenhouse. We have had the greenhouse for several years and it has served us well. I did dabble in growing some vegetables in it when we first inherited it, but it now serves as a place we store our garden furniture in the winter.


I couldn’t just make the decision to get rid of it after all the frame was in perfect condition and it has been braving the elements since we moved here 3 years ago but I have come to the conclusion that the winds that sweep across the fields behind the greenhouse will always be a problem and having glass being broken when a gust hits it isn’t ideal with the dogs and cats walking around the garden.


So my next thought was I really don’t want to get rid of it maybe we can find some glass alternative so after measuring the glass panes and looking at prices online I worked out that to replace the glass with Polycarbonate it would cost around £15 per pane and if I just replaced the broken ones for now it would still cost me around £400. So the decision was really taken out of my hands bye bye greenhouse hello Mr Shed!

So with us being happy with the decision we had made Sunday rolled around and so did the sun shine. Then before I knew it this happened….



At one point I looked around at all the mess I had made and thought what have I done


But after a couple of hours  it was down and all placed in a neat pile out in the front yard to be taken to recycling. Now all we need is a Shed!!!


UPDATE: To my amazement we had a visit from scrap metal guy today asking if could take all the greenhouse away along with the old lawn mower (you may have seen it in the pictures). So that has saved up a trip to the recycling center and our front yard is now clear again!



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